Vikram Solar 100Wp Polycrystalline Solar PV Module

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Product Description

Vikram Solar 100Wp Polycrystalline Solar PV Module

About the product:

Vikram Solar 100WP Polycrystalline Solar PV Module has a maximum power capacity (pmax) of 100wp. It is a Polycrystalline 36 cell Solar PV Module which consists of multiple silicon crystals in each cell providing freedom for the electrons to move. This is an extremely reliable product which suits all environment conditions and provide excellent low light and longer wavelength response. This product is used for all solar solutions in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. It is one of the best recognised and cost-effective products manufactured by Vikram Solar.

About the brand:

Vikram Solar Limited, previously known as Vikram Solar Pvt.Ltd, is a globally known leading solar energy solutions provider, specialising in high efficiency PV Module manufacturing and comprehensive EPC solutions. It has an international presence across 6 continents and they are an active contributor in shaping solar revolution. Since 2006, Vikram Solar Limited has an extensive manufacturing experience and has been successfully demonstrating their capabilities well before the solar sector has witnessed active growth and development in India.

Type of Solar Panel Polycrystalline
Brand Vikram Solar
Warranty 10 - 25 Years**
Open Circuit Voltage 11 - 21 V
Short Circuit Current 2.90 - 4.90 A
Maximum Power Voltage 17.80 - 27.0 V
Maximum Power Current 2.90 - 4.90 A
Operating Voltage 12 V
Maximum Power 100 W
MNRE Approved Yes