Renewsys 340Wp Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Brand: Renewsys | Category: Solar Panel

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​​​​​DESERV 3M6 72 cells PV Modules Series is offered with power ratings ranging from 300 Wp to 340 Wp. These high performance Multi-Crystalline Silicon Modules are designed for on-grid, as well as off-grid applications. Made in India, Positive Power Tolerance, Highly reliable Anti reflected coated glass,Wind Speed 2500Pa, Snow Load 5400Pa, 1000Vdc, PID Resistant, 25 Years Limited Output warranty

Brand Renewsys
Nominal Max.Power(Pmax) 340w
Model Deserve 3M6H
Cell Type PolyCrystalline
No of Cells 72
Opt. Operating  Voltage (Vmp) 38.1
Opt. Operating Current (Imp) 8.92
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc ) 46.3
Short Circuit Current ( Isc ) 9.54
Module Efficiency (% ) 17.59
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Max. System Voltage (V) 1000 or 1500 V
Max.Series Fuse Rating (A) 15 A
Front cover 3.2mm tempered glass, AR coated
Weight (kg) 21.5
Dimension(mm) 1960x989x40
Product Warranty ( Years) 10
Linear Power Output Warranty (Years) 25
er Pallet 26 Pieces