KSolare 75 KW Three Phase On-Grid Inverter

KSolare 75 KW Three Phase On-Grid Inverter

Brand: KSolare | Category: Inverter

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Product Details

  • Top high quality AL profile to reduce & maintain temperature.
  • All-whether proof …IP 65, All IEC Standards for Safety.
  • Fan less technology, natural convection & engineering profile heat sink design.
  • Super capacitor for longer life with Watchdog circuitry for Redundancy.
  • Inbuilt ELC and SPD Protection in AC / DC power side.
  • Full Graphic Mimic LCD with Backlight.
  • Infineon make IGBT with 20% more power rating than others with High Switching Frequency.

Input (DC)

Model KSY75KW
Max. DC Power (KW) 80
Max. DC Voltage (Vdc) 1000V DC
Max. MPPT I/P Current(A) 28.5 A.
MPPT Short Circuit Current(A) 37 Amps.
MPPT Tracking Voltage(Vdc) 200-1000V
Min. Start/Shut down (V) 250VDC/150VDC(Low) & 1000VDC(High)
Number of MPPT Tracker 2/3/4
strings per MPPT Trackers 3

Output (AC)

Nominal Output Power(KW) 75
Max. Output Power(KW) 80
Nominal Grid Voltage(V)/Range(V) 320-470V User Defined
Nominal Grid Freq/Range(Hz) 47-55 HZ Auto Selected
Max. Output Current (A) 100
AC Connection( with PE) 3P + N + E
THD(%) <2.3%
Power Factor(%) >99.99% (User Defined from 0.85 to 0.99)


Max. Efficiency (%) 98.9
Max. Euro Efficiency (%) 98.2
Max. MPPT efficiency (%)  

Standards, Safety & Protections

Safety DC Reverse Polarity, DC High / Low /Over Current Protection, DC / AC Side SPD, Thermal Protection, GDT, Static ELCB / RCCB, User Defined Grid Monitoring Setting & Anti Islanding
MPPT Efficiency EN50530
Inverter Efficiency IEC61685
Protection Class 1(According to IEC -62103)
Over Voltage Category PVII/MAINS II(According to IEC -62109-1 )
Safety Standard IEC 62109-1&2
EMC Standard IEC 61000-6-1/2/3/4
Emnvironment Protection IEC 60068-2-1/2/14/15
Product Safety for Relay IEC 60255-27:2013
Anti-Islanding IEC-62116
Ingress Protection IP 65 (Accordance to IEC 60529)

Physical Parameters

Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 500*700*310
Weight(kg) 69

General Data

Operating Temperature MINUS 25 TO PLUS 60 DEGREE
Night Con. (W)/Noise Level <0.2/<25dB
Design Life OVER 25 YEARS
Heat Dissipation Forced Cooling + Natural Convection
RH/Max. Altitude 0% to 98%. No Condensation / <2000 without power derating
Display LED with LCD Display
DC /AC Connectors MC4/H4
Communication Interface RS 485/RS 232/HOTSPOT/WIFI/GPRS/ETHERNET LAN
Standard Warranty 5 YEARS/10 YEARS (For Selected Model)