EAPRO 24 Volt 270 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Brand: EAPRO | Category: Solar Panel

₹ 7040

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Product Details

  • Excellent modules power over 18% efficiency
  • 0-+5% power output
  • Excellent energy generation in weak light
  • PID free modules Anti-PID material Anti-PID cell technology
  • Stable performance due to the Ip65 waterproof junction box
  • Wind load of up to 2400 pa and heavy snow load of up to 5400 pa
  • Additional value from EAPRO linear warranty
  • Lower annual power attenuation and higher reliability

Electrical Characterstics @ 25oC

Max Power (Pmax)-WP 270
Voltage at Max.Power(Vmp) 31.71
Current at Max.Power(Imp) 8.53
Open circuit Voltage(Voc) 38.81
Short circuit Voltage(Isc) 9.1
Maximum System Voltage Volts 1000

Physical Parameter

Modules Dimension
(l x W x H)(1.5mm)
No of Cells 60