ABB TRIO-7.5-TL-OUTD-S-400 7500Wac 2 MPPT On-Grid Solar Inverter

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Product Description


.. RS485
- IP65
- Integrated DC disconnect
- Available Options: Ethernet expansion board, PMU expansion board
- DC connector counterparts are not included, refer to WEIDMULLER DC


Rated Output Power 7500 W
Number of Maximum Power Point (MPP) Trackers 2
Maximum Power Point (MPP) Voltage 320 V
...800 V
Function Integrated DC disconnect switch, Display
Communication Interface WLAN
Degree of Protection acc. to IEC 60529, IEC 60947-1, EN 60529 Auxiliary Terminals IP65
Display Type Standard
Electrical Quantities Monitoring Type Three Phase
Input Current Maximum (Iin) 30 A
Input Voltage (Uin) 200 V
...950 V
Maximum Input Power DC 9375 W
Number of Connections 4 DC plug connection
Number of Phases 3-phase
Options Available With data logging
Options Provided Without transformer
Rated Efficiency (EURO/CEC) 97.5 %
Suitable For Switch disconnector; Outdoor mounting