Solar Inverter Prices 2021


In the last couple of years, we have seen solar inverter prices going down, and it's a good sign because, in the same time period, the demand has risen.

As the solar market is evolving, the market of solar inverters is also evolving. Previously we use to have a charger controller as a separate element in the solar solution but now solar charger controllers are coming inbuilt with the solar inverter. Not just technology but in the last couple of years, the solar inverter prices have also changed. 

In this article, we will try to understand that while looking for solar inverters, what factors we need to look for.

Types of solar inverter

We will start with the most basic thing that is are different types of solar inverters available in the market.

The solar inverters are basically classified into 3 types.

  1. Off-Grid Solar Inverters
  2. On-grid Solar Inverters
  3. Hybrid Solar Inverters

As the name suggests, off-grid solar inverters are the ones that are totally independent of the grid and they need batteries for storage. But the on-grid solar inverters do not need any battery to store power and that's because they are connected with the grid. 
Now the hybrid solar inverters are the ones that are connected with the grid but at the same time, they are also connected with the batteries.

Apart from the different types of inverters, the other thing you need to look for is its power rating, efficiency, and its features.

Let's talk about the power rating of the solar inverters. You need to add the power to all appliances whose load you want to transfer to the solar. The power rating of the inverter should be the sum of the power of those appliances.

Now coming to the efficiency of the inverter, well it's basically the analysis of how much dc power it is converting into ac power. On average, the efficiency of the typical solar inverter will be between 80% to 90% while the efficiency of the good inverters will be between 90% to 95%.
This difference in efficiency by 10% is also reflected in the price of the inverter. In the market, the cost of an average solar inverter will be between INR 4 to INR 8 per watt, while in the case of good inverters, this will be between INR 8 to INR 15.

If we see the grid-connected inverters, they do not come with a battery backup connectivity option, while the off-grid solar inverters need to be connected with the battery.

Solar Inverter Prices 2021


As we know the price of the inverter varies between Rs. 8 per watt to Rs. 15 per watt depending on the efficiency, so let's talk about the top solar inverter manufacturers of India..

  • Luminous

Luminous is the most common name in the Indian Electronics Industry and probably the most trusted brand in the battery and the inverter segment as well. Luminous has a presence in more than 36 countries globally.

Luminous Solar Inverter Prices: 

  • Growatt

Growatt is a global leader in the smart energy solution providers. Growatt has a large range of PV inverters for both microgrid systems and big solar solutions. Growatt has dedicated its resources in its R&D in order to develop smart as well as a simple solution for its consumers and the same is reflected in their solutions.

Growatt Solar Inverter Prices: 

  • Sofar

Sofar Solar is a subsidiary of SOFAR Group which is a China-based Solar Company. Sofar Solar entered the Indian Market in 2012 and soon become a part of the Indian Solar Industry. They specialized in grid-connected inverters ranging from 1kW to 7.5 kW in the residential sector while 10kW to 70kW into the commercial sector.

Sofar Solar Inverter Prices:

  • Goodwe

Goodwe is a global leader in energy solutions and has been a part of 12 GW Solar Solution Globally. Founded in 2012, Goodwe becomes one of the top 10 PV inverter manufacturer globally in 2017.

Goodwe Solar Inverter Prices: 

  • Havells

Havells is also a very common name among Indian Consumers. It's an FMEG company and holds major shares in the power distribution sector of India. With a presence in more than 50 countries, Havells is truly a global leader in the power electronics sector.

Havells Solar Inverter Prices: 

  • Sungrow

Sungrow is a China-based energy company founded in 1997. Now Sungrow has a valuation of more than $ 1.5 Billion. Sungrow specialized in R&D.

Sungrow Solar Inverter Prices: 


Indian Solar inverter market is growing and it's one of the most promising markets for consumers and as well as for job seekers.