About Us

Solartrade makes it easier for Retailers, Installers, Manufacturers and other individuals to procure Solar Material at best rates. Connect with Solar Experts to get quality services. Welcome to India's First Platform and Mobile App Completely Dedicated for Solar Industry.

Solartrade is a B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers. Any buyer can procure material from multiple price options and from nearby location. Additionally, we have "Post Requirement" section where any platform user has option to connect with the service providers like installer, designers, epc companies etc. to fulfill their requirement related to solar.

Solar is one of the fastest growing industry in India. As the residential sector keeps growing year on year, the procurement and logistics solution has become the key requirement for the retailers now. Solartrade has brought this solution to the all the retailers, installers in this industry to procure solar material easily and with best rates. The main role Solartrade plays here is to provide every retailer and installers with many options to buy from. Now they do not have to be dependent on local distributor on their fixed price. Solartrade gives them multiple options to buy from.

More than 5000 people and companies are connected on Solartrade from PAN India to fulfill their requirements for products and services.

Solartrade has been offering products in multiple categories like Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Solar Batteries, Cables, Solar Water Pump, Solar Water Heater, Solar Structure or Panel Stand, Solar Street Lights, Earthing and Lightning Arresters etc...